Local Newspaper features Shadowquad Posted: Monday, April 10, 2017 8:30 am – By Kyla Cathey/Lodi Living Editor A couple of decades ago, the idea of using a small unmanned aircraft to take video would have been limited to science fiction movies or TV shows. But — like smartphones, VR headsets or 3D printers — drones…

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ShadowQuad aids bomb squad in explosives removal

We were called by the EPA to assist the inspection of demolition zones for the Santa Cruz County Bomb Squad. After the detonations and the smoke cleared, we sent in the new Phantom 4 to inspect the trenches for misfired ordinance. This was key in the safety of the officers in knowing which areas were…

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ShadowQuad Assists Award Winning Project

*ShadowQuad flew the first drone-based aerial mapping missions over the construction of the Golden 1 Center. Drone Program Utilized on Golden 1 Center Construction Wins Innovation Award Engineering Teams at University of Illinois Collaborate With Construction Partners To Earn Turner Construction Innovation Award Sacramento, Calif. – Today, the Sacramento Kings announced that a visual data…

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Drone Parachute Testing

This is a final test of a drone parachute system for sUAV’s (drones) This is the only system on the market for under $100 on the market, much less at this size. 3D printed and handmade. Special 60″ chutes can be special ordered. Upcoming variations for this product are in development for APM plane.

Why the website redesign?

I had a disconnect on the initial feeling I had when my previous site loaded. What does this company do? Where are they located? What services do they offer? I decided that I was seeing the site through my eyes and not the clients’ eyes. There will be no doubt with this version what we…

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