Founded in 1999 as a graphic design and video editing company, Shadowquad took advantage of the drone wave in 2013. Since then we have pushed the boundaries of what robots can do. We are hand-building solutions for agriculture, construction, government and the military.

Aerial Photography • Mapping • Construction Time-Lapse • Rovers • Drone Custom Builds • Crop Pollination and Autonomous Vehicles


We are grateful to have worked with these companies.
George Reed Inc.

George Reed Inc.

General Engineering Construction

For more than seventy five years, George Reed, Inc. has been an integral part of the Central Valley with projects ranging from highways to airports.



Aerial Crop Pollination

Dropcopter is the leader in automated pollination of orchard crops via unmanned aircraft systems (UAS). Helping growers improve farming efficiency and yield.

Teichert Construction

Teichert Construction

Paving, grading and engineering

Teichert is still family owned and operated today. Employees are like family. Give back to your community. Be fair with your customers because they deserve it.



Commercial Construction

We are a full-service general contractor headquartered in Brea, California, striving to expand communities through the buildings we construct and the clients we serve.

Elliot Homes

Elliot Homes

Residential Construction

Elliott Homes is one of the largest privately owned new home builders in Northern California and Arizona. We offer affordable new construction homes.

Environmental Protection Agency

Environmental Protection Agency

Government Agency

Our mission is to protect human health and the environment in the United States of America and the world beyond.

News & Events

Insights into the emerging world of drones and robotics.

The high-tech farming revolution – BBC

See the video here: This is an excerpt from the BBC documentary “Follow the Food” in which Dropcopter and Shadowquad’s aerial footage are featured for agricultural drone pollination… Farming is facing far more fundamental Read more…

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