DJI Phantom 3 • Drop & Delivery System

Aerial Imaging

Construction, Mining & Agriculture

Job Site

2D and 3D site maps keep you in the know of job progress. Ground-truth can be obtained to keep jobs on time, and provide proof of milestones.


Large acreage surveys can analyze crop health with multi spectral imaging. NDVI indices can track yeilds, detect irrigation problems and weed growth.


Aerial pile measurement can cut costs dramatically from traditional methods. Projected blast yields and shelf data can be predicted within 1 cm.


Data is not everything. While on site, gathering dramatic progress footage is always a smart option. Purchase decisions can be swayed by a good presentation.

  • Solar Inspections
  • Roof Inspections
  • Power Line Inspection
  • Search & Rescue
  • Law Enforcement
  • Event Coverage
  • 50¢ a mile
  • Cloud Services
  • Licensed & Insured
  • Pile Measurement

    Lightning-quick turnaround of your inventory with no production interference.

  • 3D Processing

    Services that go way beyond the numbers. Content-rich media comes bundled.

  • Precision AG

    Large area surveys can be attained quickly and the IR spectrum (NDVI) analyzed to determine plant health, watering patterns and moisture content.

  • NDVI
  • FF6
  • NDVI2
  • Real Estate

    Showcase your home from the air. Nothing gives the breadth and beauty of a property than a moving sky-bound view.

  • Seal the Deal

    An aerial video may be the difference in the sale of your property!


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ShadowQuad was born out of a need to serve our existing clients. Originally a graphic and web design firm, JOD received numerous requests for this new technology. Due to the visual nature of aerial imaging, this was a natural step.

We are always innovating at Shadowquad. We design 3D printed parts for drones to support the hobbyist and aerial mapping community. Consulting and special projects are also available upon request.


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