The wide spectrum of drone uses

Shadowquad offers a wide variety of aerial cinematography and data collect services using drones. We also offer photography and video on the ground. The company was founded by graphic designers widening the range of services offered beyond the captured footage or data. Services include:

Aerial Photography

Reach out to the world with an exciting new perspective. You may know many who have a drone, but it is just a tool for gathering information. It is the ability to tell your story that we are interested in. Having a short film of your business is key in marketing, job recruitment and providing truth of progress on the ground.

Survey and Mapping

Site survey and mapping can produce 3D maps from mulitple overlapping photos. With precise GPS coordinates, exacting measurements can be taken of stockpiles, materials added or removed and progress over time layered upon technical drawings for milestone proofing.

Agriculture Survey

By comparing visible and infrared light, we measure the relative amount of healthy vegetation NDVI is calculated from the visible and near-infrared light reflected by vegetation. By applying a color ramp to the infrared images, we can asses a plants health. Plant height, weed abatement and nitrogen levels can also be assessed.

Real Estate Showcase

Realtors find that larger, more expensive homes require larger amounts of work and investment. We cover these projects inside and out. The purchase of a home is one of life’s biggest investments so proper marketing is key in getting your listing the attention it deserves.

Thermal Imaging

Thermal imaging is of high-value for Solar Inspection, Law Enforcement, Fire Fighting, Search & Rescue and Construction. The CGOET camera provides not only thermal images, but also low-light capability, designed for monitoring in twilight or dark environments. The CGOET is an innovative combination of a thermal imaging and a low light camera with a 3-axis gimbal, capable of a continuous 360° rotation.